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Welcome to IndianaWoodworkers.com

Your hosts, Fred and Kristina Strauss, owners of Busy Beaver Lumber, hope you find this site to be quite different from other woodworking sites.

Our goal was to create a website that brought together Indiana based individuals and woodworkers with reputable sawmills operators, equipment dealers, and woodworking suppliers that primarily sell their products within the state of Indiana and who show the patience and desire to provide superior customer service to their customers.

At this point in time, and rightly so, you may be asking, why would the owners of a sawmill and firewood bundling business set up a website and encourage other sawmill owners in the State of Indiana to advertise and post on their website? The answer is simple. There are thousands more woodworkers in Indiana then there are sawmills or woodworking suppliers. There is enough business our there for all of us to share and working together with one another is in our own best interest as well as in the best interest of our valued customers.

The small Sawmill industry is quite different from most other professions. In this Industry, it is very common to know your competition and go out of your way to be on good terms with them. It is also very common for one sawmill to refer work to another, simply because the other sawyer my be closer to the customers location. Likewise, it would be expected for the same courtesy in return. Consider yet another situation where a customer wants walnut and calls his local sawmill who just happens to be out of walnut. The sawmill owner could just say, "sorry don't have any to offer", or he could turn around and refer him to another sawmill in the area that he knows has quite a bit and help out a fellow sawyer and his customer at the same time. This is the type of relationships that we are looking to promote on this website.....relationships with a win-win outcome for both the supplier and the customer.

Let's face it. if you live in Indiana and want to purchase some Cherry lumber to build some nice furniture for around the house, the likelihood that you will buy it from a sawmill in Oregon or Maine is pretty remote. Both locations are just too far to travel to just to pick up a couple dozen board feet of lumber. Likewise, with shipping rates being what they are, and wood being both bulky and heavy to ship, having it sent to you is not a viable option either. Obviously, finding a small, family run sawmill within a hour or so from your house would be a much better alternative, and that is where this website comes to the rescue. We help you find and evaluate the local providers within the state of Indiana.

Please be patient as this website is being developed. It takes a lot of time and effort to put something like this website together. Having said that, here is what you can look forward to in the near future:

1. Woodworking Clubs Forum- can each have their own section free of cost to their clubs
2. Small Sawmill Forum- a place for small sawmill owners to gather and exchange ideas with one another
3. Firewood Forum - Come here to discuss issues related to both bulk and bundled firewood
4. General Woodworking Forum - Anyone is welcome and can discuss anything from wood turning to furniture construction

1. Woodworking plans
2. Instructional videos
3. Lists of area resources within the state
4. Upcoming events schedule
5. Links to other useful woodworking resources

1. Wanted Classified ads - To help you locate items you are looking for
2. For Sale Classified ads - To help you sell your products or services
3. Links to the individual websites of sawmill owners and other woodworking suppliers
Advertising Area - To assist you in finding local sawmills, equipment dealers, and woodworking suppliers

1. Pats and Praises - A place to post pats on the backs or praise for a supplier if you liked they service they provided
2. Woodworkers Showcase - A place to post pictures of the items you created for all the world to see and enjoy

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